Created by Pat Patterson

In The Mustard Seed, unexpected visitors arrive weekly at Kenna’s country home, delivered by God, who reveals himself as The Man in the Hat. Kenna is healing from the tragic loss of her family through the unexpected companionship of The Man in the Hat, Howard-a suspender-wearing hipster, cake-loving angel, and Bacon-a Down Syndrome youth who answers only to Dr. Maddox.  Together they guide Kenna into a renewed faith and purpose, as she cares for these guests who are suspended between eternity and a earthbound life.

Kenna has found a new family to care for in her Mustard Seed home. Her home has become a portal for those in a near death experience. It’s the space where they experience the truth of their lives, feel God’s love and grace, and determine if they are to continue on in the cycle of life, or move onto that final destination. It’s their Mustard Seed moment.

Kenna has discovered her own family is suspended in their own Mustard Seed moment and joins their storyline. It’s a unique reunion and one that she will follow along with weekly, a journey into her own family tree, searching for resolution.

As each visitor concludes their stay, we visit their pasts and watch as hearts open and futures are revealed with The Man in the Hat in the garden of The Mustard Seed.

The Mustard Seed is a scripted television development with  faith as it’s focal point, faith in the seen and unseen. In fall 2016 we shot a short film, The Mustard Seed to introduce the characters who will populate this weekly series.  The short film will be screening at a select few film festivals around the country as the creative team continues to develop this project, penning a pilot, attaching talent and pitching to those places who could best show this special project.

Check back for screening dates and times.