Created by Pat Patterson

In the fall of 2016 we created the short film The Mustard Seed. In it unexpected visitors arrive weekly at Kenna Mason’s garden, delivered by God, who reveals himself as The Man in the Hat. Kenna is healing from the tragic loss of her family through the unexpected companionship of The Man in the Hat a/k/a God, Howard-a suspender-wearing hipster, cake-loving angel, and Bacon-a Down Syndrome youth who answers only to Dr. Maddox.  Together they guide Kenna into a renewed faith and purpose. It was a great film that screened at several prestigous Film Festivals. It became our springboard for a scripted television development entitled Hereafter Here.

Hereafter Here explores the imaginary gateway between Eternity and Earth. A place where weekly guests find themselves at the beginning of a Near Death Experience reviewing their life story. A place where The Man in the Hat (TMTH, think James Spader in The Blacklist) teaches lessons on His love and determines their  eternal destination.  Each episode begins with the delivery of a guest by TMTH to Kenna Mason’s garden, the portal He created between those worlds. Each guest has had a traumatic event rendering them clinically dead, yet each experiences sounds and sights of a divine nature in Kenna’s garden.  He also gives Kenna a gift of Memory Merge, wherein she can join in a person’s past as an observer allowing us to time travel back to their defining life events. This unique insight provides a rich tapestry to connect with a diverse audience seeking answers to the universal question of life after death.

The pilot episode, Now-Then, opens on a family full of love and faith reveling in this beautiful garden created by Kenna’s husband, Greg. This is a family with secrets, like so many others. Suddenly they find themselves torn apart by illness, a tragic accident and death to all but Kenna, who is left devastated, angry and alone. She turns her back on the world, losing her faith and believing that God is not there.

Her descent to a hell of her own choosing eventually leads her to Greg’s garden shed. Kenna is determined to destroy the last connection to her past life, but finds herself suddenly moved and cries out for help from God. TMTH now knows she is battle tested and ready to accept her assignment.