Created by Pat Patterson

In short film The Mustard Seed, unexpected visitors arrive weekly at Kenna’s country home, delivered by God, who reveals himself as The Man in the Hat. Kenna is healing from the tragic loss of her family through the unexpected companionship of The Man in the Hat a/k/a God, Howard-a suspender-wearing hipster, cake-loving angel, and Bacon-a Down Syndrome youth who answers only to Dr. Maddox.  Together they guide Kenna into a renewed faith and purpose. This short was shot in the fall of 2016 to introduce the main characters who will populate the scripted TV series. We have screened at a few select film festivals as the pilot is being penned. As in any creative journey change has occurred and we are now in search of a title.

In  Hereafter Here, the new title of this scripted TV show,  we meet Kenna  Mason and her family, her beloved husband Greg, son Cully, daughter-in-law Liz and dearest granddaughter “Miss Ellie” plus an unborn grandchild. She loses all of these in rapid succession to illness and then an accident. She finds herself without the last bastion of her strength, her faith. As she roams the neighborhood, possibly in search of her family, she is battling shock and grief then depression and finally just awaits death, until she has a memory merge with the mailman. The turning point that leads us into her journey with God.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Be careful what you ask for…” In fact I bet that at least half of us heard our parent’s voice as that refrain played in our mind. There is even a Biblical reference to this sentiment in 1 Samuel 8:1-22. Israel asks something against God’s will and He actually says yes! As our pilot unfolds Kenna’s demand for the return of her family is actually granted as God prepares her for the work ahead. In Greg’s garden God delivers those guests who are suspended between eternity and an earthbound life. He challenges Kenna to help them navigate the next step of their journey with the assistance of Howard,  and Dr. Reggie Carruthers. She also finds her son, daughter-in-law, Miss Ellie and a new grandson Mac are suspended in this parellel universe and must learn to accept God’s will for them. Our pilot ends with the arrival of the first guest whom Kenna and crew must assist. It is a journey of love and laughter that reminds us that we are profoundly known and loved by God.