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Many faiths have tried to unravel the mystery of death through interpretation of the Bible as well as source material from survivors of Near Death Experiences(NDEs).  In this scripted television series guests are delivered to the garden of Kenna’s beloved husband Greg where, together with Howard, a cake loving angel and Reggie, a Down Syndrome youth who only answers to Dr. Maddox she is tasked with helping those in the beginning of their NDE to navigate to Eternity or a return to Earth. Each guest will have an opportunity to explore a pivotal moment in their lives with The Man in the Hat. a/ka/ God. This is their opportunity to reconcile with God and know His profound love and intended purpose in their lives. This is also the defining moment where the decision to return to Earth or forward into Eternity is made.

We’ve all heard the stories of people who had Near Death Experiences(NDE). There are estimated 23 million individuals in the USA alone who have experienced this phenomenon. It inspires the questions: What happens when you die? Where do you go? What do you see? Who meets you? Why do you return? Books are prolific describing people who had an out of body experience, watching the medical team below fight to bring them back to life; or who met the people of the light, relatives, or Jesus or God. What if we could explore these stories and similarities and allow our hearts to learn, to grow, to love better.

Dr. Raymond Moody coined the phrase “Near Death Experience” (NDE) in his book Life After Life. It has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Don Piper’s 90 Minutes In Heaven has sold over 6 million books and on the NY Times Best Seller List for 5 years. Colton Burpo was a 3 year old child who recounted his NDE to his father who penned Heaven Is For Real. Published in 2010 by 2012 it had sold 1 million copies and by 2014 over 10 million.The movie, based on the book, released in 2014 earned, according to Box Office Mojo $91 million. We have created a scripted televison show that each week will deliver a guest at the beginning of their own NDE to play out their life story with the assistance of Kenna, Howard and Dr. Bacon Maddox